Squad Structure


National/National Target Squad

This is the top squad of the Oasis Otters Swimming Club. The National/State Squad has an attendance requirement for all the swimmers in the squad. Swimmers who achieve Age National Qualifying Times and swimmers who qualify for State Championships in events longer than 50 metres and who set a goal to achieve Age National Qualifying Times, will train in this squad. Swimmers are expected to attend and compete at all targeted meets.


State Squad

This squad is for young swimmers at age 12 and under who qualified for State Championships for events longer than 50 metres. Swimmers in this squad will train alongside the National Target Squad. Swimmers must train with intent to swim successfully at State Championships. Swimmers are expected to attend a minimum of 6 water sessions and two half hour dry-land sessions per week and compete at all targeted meets.


State Target Squad

This squad serves to prepare swimmers to qualify for State Sprint Championships and All Junior Championships. Swimmers in this squad are required to set a goal at to achieve JX Standard and Squad Sprint Qualifying Times. Swimmers are expected to attend a minimum of 5 water sessions and two half hour dry-land sessions per week and compete at all targeted meets.


Junior Squad

This is the second level squad for swimmers finished competitive strokes learning from Development Squad. Swimmers in this squad will be trained to refined skills and racing techniques. Swimmers are aimming to compete at the State All Junior competition, and some the qualify meet for State Sprint Champs. Swimmers will be expected doing three water sessions during the week days and one combined session with higher level swimmers. When swimmers reached the certain standard through either internal or external competitions, they will be stapping up into State Target Squad.


District (Fitness) Squad

This squad is for swimmers who do not wish to participate at higher level competition. Swimmers in this squad will most likely focus on fitness swimming or District and School swimming carnivals. The training is designed to combine 3 sessions with some dry land activities. This squad trains concurrently with the Junior and State Junior Squads during week day evening sessions.


Development Squad

This is the entry level squad of the club. In this squad, young swimmers from 7 years old are fast-tracked, learning all four competitive strokes. Swimmers are training 3 one and a half hour sessions per week. Swimmers are expected to attend and compete at all designated swimming meets for the squad.



Multi-Class students train alongside our other squads in the level appropriate to their ability. This provides opportunity for kids with special needs to compete in swimming.


Squad Prices


As swimming is an expensive sport, we try to be upfront with all costs involved as not all clubs do this. Please find below an outline of costs involved that all swimmers state-wide are usually required to pay.


Centre Membership

All swimmers will need to enrol as an Aquatic member with the Dandenong Oasis to have access to the pool. This membership provides access to both Dandenong Oasis and Noble Park Aquatic Centre. Membership tags must be scanned on entry. Please contact Dandenong Oasis for up-to-date pricing.


Annual Club Membership

All swimmers are required to enrol as a Club member every July. This fee is vital to the administrative costs of running the club. First child is $81, second child is $41 and third child is $31.


Fortnightly Training Fees

Squad fees are debited fortnightly and are based on which squad the swimmer trains with. These fees pay for our coaches and are much more cost effective than regular Learn to Swim classes. The fees usually average out to approximately $5 a session (1.5 to 2 hour session). What a bargain!

The fees are currently (as of 2018/19 Short Course seasion):

Development and District: $34.20/fortnight (3 Sessions/Week)

Junior: $44/fortnight (4 sessions/Week)

State Target: $53.50/fortnight (5 sessions/Week)

National/State: $64.20/fortnight (6 sessions/Week)

National: $85.60/fortnight (8 sessions/Week only when pool space at NPAC are avaiable during the Long Course season)


Swimming Victoria Registration

All swimmers from all clubs who compete in State qualifying meets must be registered swimmers with Swimming Victoria. A parent or guardian is also required to register. Recreational swimmers are also required to be registered but have a smaller fee. For more information, please contact Swimming Victoria.


Other Costs

The minimum equipment required for squad swimmers are goggles, fins (flippers), a kickboard and a pull-buoy. These can be purchased at sports stores. Uniforms, snorkels and stretch cords can be purchased through the club. Please see one of our Committee members to purchase these items.


Dandenong Oasis Centre

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